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Does the running damages knee or not?

In the last few years, scientists had a great debate about whether the running can damaged knee or not.

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Some studies have shown that running can increase the risk of arthritis, while some studies have shown that it can actually protect bones, especially the knees.

Osteoarthritis of the knees area is usually caused by rupture of cartilage, to which generally comes after injury or after several years excessive strain. From this point, it really makes sense theory that running can damage the knees because the knees provide stability and support for your entire body.

However, when the researchers looked at exercise habits almost 2700 men and women found that those who regularly run, a 7% lower risk of occurrence of osteoarthritis.

Scientists believe that this is so because a healthy body weight, which is much easier to achieve and maintain if you regularly run.

If you are obese, than running’ll have even more benefits, but you must be very careful. Before you start to run, strengthen the muscles surrounding the knees. It is recommended to all runners, regardless of weight.

Also, if you run every day, you’ll need to invest in high quality shoes, because they can be the difference between a safe and good quality running and that more harm than good.

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