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Exercise with jazz ballet!

Jazz Ballet is a type of dance that moves are taken from African-American “folk” games, and was built in the period from the late 19th to mid-20th century. The first jazz ballet stars were famous vaudeville face Joe Frisco and Josefine Baker who danced relaxed juggling their bowler hats.

jazz ballet

Although this term at that time was associated with tapping (which is an integral part of jazz music) were later found in the group and boogie-woogie, charleston and swing. Only since 1950, when he arrived on Broadway, jazz ballet gotten a true art form of dance has become very popular. Today is performed in many different forms, and schools of dance music is the basis of dance choreography.

First classics

In order to overcome the jazz ballet movements you must first be familiar classical ballet technique. These techniques strengthen muscles and improve balance and flexibility of the body. This is necessary when jumps and turns, in which posture must be correct, as well as the coordination of movement. Jazz dancers and ballet dancers can perform solo or in larger and smaller groups. Because of the high degree of improvisation jazz dance can move into other styles: lyrical, contemporary dance, and even hip hop. Due to improvise a variety of different dance styles are blended in choreography, which thus becomes a “feast for the eyes and ears.” Jazz Ballet has its styles such as modern jazz, lyrical jazz, street jazz, latin jazz, jazz theatar …

More than dancing

Jazz ballet can begin to deal with and under the “old days”. The dance schools, there are beginners’ group in which working with an elderly participants. To be successful every day should do fitness training with a lot of stretching, stretching and strength exercises. Finally satisfaction is multiple: the body as sculpted, beautiful posture, flexibility and refined sense of music.


If you’re creative, this is ideal for you, because it is a challenge to fit the melody and rhythm with a completely new movements. On the other hand, if a slave to the established form and concept, it would be good to break the monotony so that we develop hearing and motor skills in a new way. Another plus to this activity is working in a group, but also the possibility of competition, nurturing femininity through improved movement and posture, while super cute costumes, not to mention!

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