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Caffeine does not cause arrhythmia!

Arrhythmia literally means “without rhythm”. The heart is not beating at the same speed, and you can also feel short beats break . There are two main types of arrhythmia: when the heart beats too fast (tachycardia), and when the house is too slow (bradycardia).

coffee arrhythmia

Most arrhythmias can not harm but are not favorable. But in some cases, the condition can be serious and even life-threatening, when the heart does not pump enough blood. The lack of blood flow can damage vital organs, including the brain and heart.

Scientists have conducted a study on 51 people suffering cardiovascular disease. Subjects were divided into two groups of 25 and 26 people. One group consumed real coffee and other decaffeinated coffee. Both groups had to drink a coffee in 5 intervals of one hour.

The researchers found no link between caffeine and the occurrence of arrhythmias. Scientists believe that the result of the research could affect the fact that some respondents are regular coffee drinkers.

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