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How to lose fat on your back?

Fat on the back does not look attractive nor healthy. But it can be solved with really little effort, all you need is to be is persistent.

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We bring you some simple but effective tips which will remove fat from the back. The first results will begin to notice after a week.

Doing cardio exercises

If you really want to solve the excess fat, then you should start doing cardio exercises. According to recent research, it is enough to just 60 minutes 5 days a week. For even better results, share the intensity of exercise. Thus, for example, you 5 minutes to run as fast as you can, and the next 5 minutes walk.

Doing exercises power

Do the exercises that will encourage the work of the back muscles, shoulders and buttocks. Only then will actually strengthen the entire back. Do not forget the importance of proper posture. Correct posture encourages work the back muscles and stomach, and their balanced and synchronized operation is what you closer to your goal.

Work yoga

High-quality strength training and aerobic exercise are key, but yoga can also help. Yoga is known for increasing the level of flexibility. Yoga will help you to reduce the level of cortisol (a stress hormone), and it has been proven that it increases the risk of weight gain.

Eat healthier

As long as you are not allergic some food, you can eat virtually anything. It is only important to note the amount. Always give the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, lean meats, grains and fish. But that does not mean you should not enjoy in other foods.

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