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This is why you need to stop eating hot dogs

Do you like to eat a hot dog with lots of ketchup and mustard? Although you might like it, your body is certainly not good with it. Why? See how hot dogs affect your body and overall health.

Hot Dog

Although it seems tempting in this picture, the hot dog is very unhealthy

1) Influence of the creation of fat

Hot dogs are certainly not something recommend by a nutritionist because they have a lot of calories. In combination with white rolls, add another 100 calories to be directly converted to fat in your stomach.

2) Full of salts

All kinds of hot dogs are full of sodium and fat. There is no something to be considered a healthy hot dog, not only because they are fattening, but because they enter large amounts of sodium in the body which is not healthy.

3) Chicken frankfurters are healthier

If you opt for chicken or turkey hot dogs because you have less fat, you’re right, but you definitely have to be careful, because manufacturers usually instead of fat in hot dogs add salt. For example, turkey hot dogs with 2 grams of saturated fat and 99 calories, but they have 500 mg of salt, and chicken have as much as 600 mg of salt, which is almost a third of the recommended daily intake. Even if you add ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, the amount of ingested salt is still increasing.

4) Full of nitrates

They are usually full of nitrites and nitrates, additives to extend the shelf life of these foods. Increased intake of sodium nitrate is associated with a higher risk of getting cancer.

5) Are not organic

It is very difficult to find hot dogs made ​​from organically raised animal meat that did not received antibiotics or hormones.

6) Are bad for pregnant women

They often develop listeria bacteria, which causes the creation of disease listeriosis. This disease can lead to miscarriage, birth of dead babies, and many other serious health problems.

So, stop eating hot dogs ! 

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