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Here’s how to protect and care for your hair during the summer

Increased summer hair care is required because it is demanding period for hair. Prolonged exposure to the sun and heat of hair leads to intense drying the hair, so it becomes porous and loses its elasticity, is prone to cracking …

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The claim that the sunlight really affect your hair stand and visual effects – even on slopes that are not painted in a long period of time exposed to the sun is seen as much lighter hair, and this effect can be compared to a mild bleaching where the effect of damage are similar .

Caring, nurturing and hair flying primarily consists of preventing damage to the hair-if you have treated hair (dyed, permanent) do not expose it to too much to sun and heat. Hat is the basic hair care in summer. Although it is a common reaction to the mention of a hat “and I would never wear, maybe a scarf or hat?” Of course anything that you physically removes hair from the sun. But the hat is the best overall because it does not close tightly hair, summer is usually for a hat with holes so the hair does not heat, and protects the rim and hair that is not covered by a hat.

The next way to care for your hair in summer is the use of protective fused shampoo, conditioner, mask. In the summer it advised washing hair with shampoos that contain protection (heat …) and filters (UV) and that help from the start not to damage the hair in the sun. The quality of the selected shampoo determines how this last protection (if you enter the water, then how you will swim before the effect stops). Use conditioner which should provide additional protection, but also to stop the negative effects resulting from flying is the next step in preserving the quality of the hair is flying.

After the end of the summer (or at the end of the period), be sure to visit your hairdresser to help you to remove flowering and dried parts that you do some moisturizing treatment to the hair shaft elasticity and shine. For those of color who have suffered from more damage a keratin treatment may be an option worth thinking about.


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