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How to activate the weight loss hormone: Lose weight without dieting!

Weight loss is very difficult and confusing puzzle for some people, but if you manage to activate the hormones that affect the process of weight loss in a short time you will succeed to solve this riddle.


Hormones are responsible for regulating our body weight, and we bring you 6 ways to activate the diet without hormones that influence weight loss and thus speed up metabolism.

1. Reduce food cravings by eating protective foods

Some foods we are simply more saturated than others. This notice will not only feeling of fullness in the stomach, but by how much you long after the meal to be fed again until you want to eat. The hormone responsible regulation of weight, which is responsible for the feeling of satiety is called leptin, a protein-rich foods is a great way to feed your body and activate leptin to feel more satiety. Leptin tells the brain that you are no longer hungry and to stop eating. Research has shown that a slight increase in protein intake in the diet, along with physical activity energy controlled diet, improves the regulation of body weight. The study showed that eating protein increases satiety and help people lose weight, but do not lose muscle mass.

2. Build muscle mass

The same hormone that increases muscle mass in bodybuilders, near it can be the key to weight loss. The hormone testosterone is present in both men and women, and its level can be increased so that we lift weights. The higher the new testosterone will help you lose weight because muscles burn fat. Lift weights of sufficient gravity with enough repetitions until you feel the muscles up and you’ll quickly see the results. If you do not have weights, you can activate the hormone easily while lifting the child, carry four bags full of groceries or packages of milk from the car to the kitchen.

3. Do not skip breakfast

In the morning, you literally activate the hormone responsible for weight loss by interrupting night fast. While you sleep, your body is in a fasting and burn a few calories while processing daily information through dreams and memories. Heart rate and breathing are slow, which means that you have slow metabolism while resting. To wake up the body metabolism and caused the jump, start your day with proteins of plant origin, as well as vegetable sources of fat and carbohydrates. Do not exceed 800 calories and a share of carbohydrates in a meal is less than the proportion of protein and fat.

4. Burn fat while you sit

Thyroid hormones, which affect the weight loss produced in the form of a butterfly glands located in the throat, as the thyroid or thyroid. Obesity research study of thyroid function so as measured thyroid hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) in obese children before and after weight loss, and showed that a small loss of weight leads to a reduction of T3 and T4. Reduction of these hormones leads to a more effective metabolism and while resting, which leads to a further loss of weight. It is enough to lose just 5 kg, to activate the thyroid hormone and continue to lose weight.

5. Good sleep

The level of the hormone leptin worthy of satiety, depends on whether you sleep 6-8 hours every night. If you do not have quality sleep, leptin levels decrease, and you will have a greater desire for food and energy to make up for a lack of rest. Your body reasoning that if you are tired, it means that you need energy in the form of food, and the level of the hormone leptin is not high enough to tell your brain that you’re not really hungry.

6. Yoga breathing

Focused breathing by practicing yoga masters, changes the level of adrenal hormones responsible for weight loss. The study, which the researchers asked participants to breathe through one nostril while the other is closed, do 27 respiratory cycles, repeating that 4 times a day for a month, showed that participants accelerate metabolism and oxygen consumption during the rest of 37%.

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