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Secrets that dermatologists don’t want you to know

Good skin is the basis for a beautiful look. While some people are genetically blessed, without much effort, some of us need extra effort to achieve that flawless look. Small changes in daily routine can have a huge impact. Depending on skin type, diet and genetic predisposition, you can work on the beauty of your skin! Check out the secrets.


Cleanse your skin twice

Most diseases of the skin comes from clogged pores where dirt accumulates. Regularly use a facial cleanser and micellar water. Thereafter, use a soap or gel to clean and wash the loosened dirt.

Use tonic

Tonic hydrates the skin and maintains its strength. Before applying the cream, use of tonic is required. If you have sensitive skin, use a tonic based on aloe vera.


Proper hydration is extremely important for skin beauty. Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, you should apply a moisturizer. This habit is best to adopt in your twenties.

Limit your intake of caffeine

Caffeine extremely drys out the skin. Limit your intake of coffee to one cup a day to keep your skin moisturized. With each cup of coffee you should drink at least 2 glasses of water.

Limit your sugar intake

Sugar is recognized as a new generation of heroin. A highly addictive and is found in almost every foodstuff. Excessive sugar consumption leads to inflammation that result in the appearance of eczema and rosacea. Foods with high glycemic index raise blood sugar levels, which causes inflammation that breaks down collagen and skin elasticity.

Drink water

Water is essential in all aspects of life. It maintains moisture and suppleness the skin and makes it glow. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep the collagen.

Natural masks

Use a homemade face mask at least once a week. It is enough to apply the honey to your face. Honey has antibacterial properties and makes the skin glow. For natural exfoliating use brown sugar mixed with coconut oil.


Certain vitamins can actually give your skin a healthy look. Use vitamin A for the skin to glow.


The skin is a living organ that breathes. Regular exercise helps to open the pores and remove toxins from the body. Also, exercise reduces stress which is a key factor in the development of acne and wrinkles.

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