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Nightly or daily cream for the face?

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between day and night cream for your face. Should you decide only to use one or both? Find out everything you wanted to know.


For starters, it is important to note that during the night you are quiet, do not move up, relaxed in a dark room, the body is recovering from the day’s activities. On the other hand you are active during the day, outside and expose your face on harmful effects as sun, air and pollution. When we needed more cream, then?

Day creams

The main task of the cream that we use during the day is to protect the skin and block the influence of harmful elements we are exposed to during the day. Creams intended use of the living in it usually contain sunscreen. Since they are usually applied under makeup daily creams are easier, and there are those that contain pigment, so they can replace the powder such as mega popular BB and CC creams for the face. They give you protection, face food, but also serve as a base for makeup.

Night creams

Instead of ingredients that protect and block night creams are generally rich in ingredients that recover and regenerate the skin as part of a night mission when bodies to rest. Ingredients that recovering the skin as retinol can sometimes make the skin more sensitive to the sun so that what we used at night, during the day can be considered. Night creams are usually denser because it is necessary to compensate for all the liquid lost during the day and skin is well hydrated. Night creams are not suitable to be applied under the makeup.

Which cream to use? If you really pay attention to care face, perfect would be to use the one and the other cream, but if you have to choose, then you must choose a day cream that contains sunscreen to protect you during the day.

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