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How fried foods affect our health

Scientists have 6 years studied the link between fried food and heart disease, here are the results.

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People who consume fried foods and beverages that contain sugar have a higher risk for developing heart disease, say US scientists. Their research was published in the journal of the American Heart Association, and lasted six years and included more than 17,000 respondents across America.

Scientists have found that people who exclusively prefer food favorite in the American South, which includes fried foods, eggs, fried ham, bacon and beverages with sugar, have a risk of 56% for a heart attack in the next six years.

“Regardless of your gender, race or place of residence, if you are a supporter of the Southern diet you should be aware of the risk of heart disease,” said lead author James Shikan, a nutritionist at the University of Alabama.
“It is necessary to reduce the intake of fried foods, and it should be consumed three times a week, and fried chicken should be replaced by vegetables,” says Shikan. The study lasted from 2003 until 2007. During that period, the respondents were interviewed by phone, they were doing a regular home inspection and completed questionnaires about diet.

“Respondents were interviewed every six months by phone and asked them questions about their health status, and this process has lasted for six years,” the study noted.

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