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Diets that are harmful to your health

We all know that in nothing we should be exaggerated and that the best way to lose weight is to change our diet and lifestyle. But often we can not wait for the fat to slowly melt, but we reach for quick-fix diets that promise amazing results. That is why we have compiled a list of famous diets with which, along with the weight, you lose health.

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Dry diet – complete nonsense

Dry diet is a radical way to lose weight and consists of rejection of drinking water. The diet lasts for 5 days and during that time you can lower up to four pounds. Water intake is limited to two glasses of 2.5 dl within 24 hours. No other liquid is not allowed. In addition to eating very small meals, but always without salt that binds water to the body. Eat two meals, skip dinner all together no more than 500 calories, according to the “experts.”

Doctors say that this is complete nonsense and a good way for someone, especially during the summer, ends up in the emergency room. People who until recently ate 3500 calories a sudden shock body with 500 calories and thereby not allowed to drink water. It is the best time to get ill or activates a disease. So do not listen to cheap propaganda. Such unnecessary stress can do great damage to the body. Instead of weight, lose health, you can get an ulcer or maybe even a serious illness. If we weight accumulating for years, then we can not lose overnight, and using some sort of miracle diet.

Liquid diet – again an illusion

Is considered to be dangerous and so. liquid diet. The authors of these diets have gained a large following because they claim to be in two weeks can lose up to 15 pounds. This diet is full of crap and nonsense, and it’s hard to believe that anyone would follow these instructions.

This diet involves crossing only on liquid food: fruit juices, soups, dairy products, herbal teas and water. The total amount of liquids per day should not exceed three liter. Daily menu is as follows: 9.00, drink a cup of soup, at 10.00 another cup of vegetable soup at 11.00 cup of warm boiled water, at 12.00 a glass of fruit juice diluted with water (half and half), at 13.00 a cup of warm boiled water, 14:00 glass of milk at 15.00 cup of herbal tea without sugar at 16.00 a cup of soup, meat, at 17.00 a cup of warm boiled water, at 18.00 a cup of warm boiled water, at 19.00 glass of fruit juice diluted with water, at 20.00 a cup of warm boiled water, 21.00 cup of kefir, but choose the one with less than 2 percent fat. And so every day for 14 days.

The meaning of this diet is to encourage urination, and thus the loss of water from the body – again an illusion. Pounds will certainly decrease, but it is mostly water. Without exercise and stimulate the muscles to work no fat loss. The more muscle, less fat.

Lemon diet – to boil for a few days

One of the more controversial and dangerous diets is lemonade diet. Here’s what are saying its authors: the lemonade diet lasts 10-14 days. For two weeks you lose up to 9 pounds of excess weight. Lemonade is prepared in a container with two liters of hot water into which drain the juice of three lemons, add 14 tablespoons of maple syrup and half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Stir well. Lemonade you have to drink in small sips every time when there is a feeling of hunger. Lemon juice to the body of toxins and fat, maple syrup will provide the necessary calories, vitamins and trace elements, and cayenne pepper to stimulate metabolism.

Other drinks you consume throughout the day, including salt water and green tea will stimulate the removal of toxins from the body. In order to provide the body with necessary energy, a day to drink 8-12 glasses of lemonade, according to the authors of this child.

The doctor word: “It is extremely dangerous. At this can only fall for the naive people, especially young girls who will do anything to take off a few pounds. Moreover, this diet may be some cause both acute ulcer because so many entering the citric acid during 14 days without eating, dumb idea. sure to avoid this diets! ”

Nutritionist word: “This diet is really brutal. This would make sense to apply maybe once a week (as part of a well-composed reductive diet), to evacuate toxins. By drinking this lemonade farewell to all the living and the dead from the intestines and mucous membranes, and thus health can be dangerously disturbed. ”


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