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Prepare yourself for heat waves!

Most people enjoy the warm summer days, but the high air temperature can cause health problems.

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If the temperature is really high, make sure that your health and the health of people close to you is not threatened.

The most vulnerable are the very young, people who suffer from serious health condition, and the elderly. Very hot weather can cause a malfunction of the heart and respiratory system.

Studies have shown that heat waves can be dangerous and cause a certain percentage of deaths. That is why it is crucial to follow certain steps that will allow you to enjoy the summer, and that when it does not run the risk of developing health problems.

A temperature of 86°F during the day and 59°F overnight in a period of a few days is enough to feel the negative effects on health.

The problem of heat stroke

The main potential risks of heat stroke are:

  • dehydration
  • exhaustion

Who belong to a risk group?

Heat stroke can happen to anyone, but the most vulnerable persons are:

  • the elderly, especially those older than 75 years
  • babies and children
  • people suffering from serious medical conditions (problems with the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems)
  • people suffering from serious mental disorders
  • people taking certain medications that affect the process of sweating and body temperature regulation
  • people who consume excessive alcohol or consuming drugs
  • persons who have been excessively physically active

How to deal with the heat?

Follow these steps to cool down and reduce the risk of harmful consequences caused by high temperatures:

  • close windows and obscures the area in which you reside. Open the windows only when cool off
  • avoid going out in the open during the hottest part of the day: 11 AM-3 PM
  • cold showers to cool every time you hot
  • drink lots of cold water, and avoid tea, coffee and alcohol
  • wear light and comfortable clothing, and do not forget to protect your head

How to recognize that someone needs help?

If someone feels exhausted, take him to the chilled place. Give him lots of cold liquids and apply a cold compress. Seek medical help if a person feels shortness of breath, chest pain, confusion, weakness, dizziness or cramps.

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