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Beet juice for stronger muscles

Beet juice is one of the best natural remedies for anemia that is really effective and it is well known. But try the latest intensive training in the gym. Researches say that beetroot juice improves muscle performance by as much as 13 percent. This means that you simply have to drink if you exercise regularly or have entered a certain age when muscle weakening.

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Scientists took particularly attention to how the food that is rich in nitrates just like beetroot juice helps men who have had heart problems to improve muscle function. One small study found that in people who drank beetroot juice muscle function improved as they had months of intensive training with weights, which is really a great result. What is most dramatic in this story is the fact that the first results can be seen just a few hours after consumption.

The authors of these studies have explored how to inorganic nitrates affect muscle function and it is not the first time to look for nitrates that can strengthen the human body. A survey conducted in 2013 showed that ions can also improve circulation, but since recent studies have failed to show their effect is clearly necessary to conduct further research on this topic. In any case, foods rich in nitrates has many other benefits on the human body and svkako should eat, including foods that are rich in nitrates is the first rocket.

The main objective of this research is to find a way to patients who had experienced problems regain muscle function naturally and has proven that people can benefit from nitrate especially as they get older. One of the main problems that come with age is svkako muscle weakness and loss of muscle mass, and statistics show that once people enter a certain age lose 1 percent of muscle function annually. What is most important when it comes to concentrate beetroot is that it does not carry any side effects unlike pharmaceutical solutions to this problem.

How does the beet juice to the muscles

When you digest your body nitrates are converted to nitrogen oxide, a component that stimulates muscle function. Researches confirm that this component not only improves strength but also improves the health of the heart which in this case is more important.

This change occurs immediately in your mouth because the good bacteria in the language immediately convert nitrates to nitrogen oxide which is the fuel for your muscles. The body normally produces nitric oxide during exercise and because get a temporary rush of energy when you eat foods that are rich in nitrates. The effect is somewhat weaker than after exercise, but it was definitely noticeable.

Foods rich in nitrates

If you want in your diet you want to include as many foods that are rich in nitrates then you should eat more:

  • Beetroot juice
  • Spinach
  • Arugula
  • Celery

It is important to note that the beet juice can replace regular physical activity, but it needs to replace the energy drinks that usually drink, which are packed with artificial flavors and a variety of chemicals that you do not want to enter into the body. It is much better and healthier option to of these foods make healthy smoothie with the addition of a natural juice and drink after a good sweat in the gym.

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