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Vitamin D improves erectile function

Vitamin D improves the functioning of blood vessels and blood circulation.


New research by scientists from Italy found that low levels of vitamin D may adversely affect erection, reports Prevention.

The study involved 143 men who suffered from erectile dysfunction, but not to the same extent.

Scientists have studied their habits and measured the levels of vitamin D in the blood. When they looked at the results they came to the conclusion that 50% of participants suffered from a lack of vitamin D.

What the participants had lower levels of vitamin D, that erectile dysfunction is a bigger problem. Men with severe erectile dysfunction have had as much as 24% less vitamin D, compared to men with milder form of erectile dysfunction.

Previous studies have shown that vitamin D is essential for the maintenance of a number of bodily processes, and this research is proved that.

It promotes the functioning of blood vessels and blood circulation, and thus a positive effect on erectile function.

Experts for men who suffer from a shortage of vitamin D are recommended to start taking supplements, but with prior consultation with a doctor or pharmacist.

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