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Face Yoga for younger look

Face yoga is a series of movements that have the same effect on face as the movements of the body, relax and tighten the muscles of the face.

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Believe it or not, there are movements like grimacing, which can make your face younger and prevent premature formation of wrinkles.

There are beliefs that certain facial movements that repetitively, such as frowning, can cause premature formation of wrinkles. However, face yoga will provide a non-invasive face lifting. The key is to activate the muscles of the face, and relax those who frequently use.

When you activate the muscles of the face and fingers massage the face, stimulates circulation to the face which will allow a greater flow of nutrients and oxygen. Of course there are movements that is best not to run, and we bring you even six of those who should be included in your schedule.


Open up your eyes and hold it open until you feel that the tears started to form. While holding this position you exercise the muscles around the eyes and on the forehead, and achieve the opposite effect of frowning and wrinkling his forehead.


Take a deep breath, close your mouth and cheeks inflate. The air move from one image to another. This exercise will strengthen the muscles of the face and prevent the formation of hanging and sagging skin. This movement may slightly change the appearance of the face. Do this if you want your cheeks are highlighted.


Wash your face and apply a good moisturizer. First, relax your eyes, then gently press the temples, but do not pull the skin because that part of the skin very sensitive.


You should feel your muscles, which makes it difficult to press the flashing. In this way you activate the muscles around the eyes, tightens the skin and prevents premature wrinkles.


Laugh so that you can see the teeth. Use your fingers to press the part that lies between the mouth and nose. Lift the muscles and fingers drag them down to create resistance. One of the best signs of youthfulness are beautiful and full cheeks. This exercise will strengthen the muscles of the face and the muscles around your nose, and your cheeks will remain fuller and more beautiful.

The neck and chin

Top of language press as deep as the palate. Then smile and swallow your tongue while standing on the palate. In the beginning you will probably be difficult. This exercise is extremely important because we often forget to protect your neck and chin from the sun. For this reason, the neck notice the first signs of aging. Use of this exercise will strengthen the jaw muscles, neck and chin.

Relaxing facial

Close your eyes, think of something nice and easy laugh. This position will relax your face, but also the mind. This is the easiest form of meditation that is both efficient.

A large number of people are real faces, but may not be aware of. Constant mop can cause premature formation of wrinkles. Relaxation face will relax the mind, but also to remind ourselves that the mop can be fun and effective.

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