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Safety of children in car seats

Security experts recommend to children under the age of two year should ride in a car seat facing the rear.

children in carseat

Studies have shown that toddlers are five times less likely to be injured in an accident, if their car seat facing backwards, not forwards.

Their findings are based on an analysis of 2007, which lasted for five years and is based on traffic accidents that occurred in the United States.

“It means that the estimated 1000 children injured in a car seat facing forward would not hurt to have their car seats were facing backwards,” explains Dr. Dennis Durbin, lead author and a pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Babies have a relatively large head and small neck. The car seat that faces the advance forces of collision can cause hitch head thereby causing injury, spinal cord injury.

Car seats on them, have highlighted the recommended weight. If a yearling crossed recommended weight seats for babies, parents should change the car seat facing backwards, and that is appropriate for your child’s weight added to the end of a group of pediatricians.

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