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The best natural salt substitutes

It is probably the most used spice in cuisines all over the world and many believe that her taste irreplaceable. Many foods that we love to conserve her abundant use of salt. However, the salt is a component of which lot of people suffer from a variety of diseases. We recommend you healthy replacements.

salt and basel

Sodium is an essential element found in salt, on the other hand it can be found in most natural herbs that we use in the kitchen on a daily basis. Most foods contain a fair amount of sodium in their natural taste, and most foods that contain sodium used not only to improve taste but also because of the medicinal properties. To speed up the taste of your food without adding salt, find natural and healthy replacement. Here are some of them.

Cinnamon is one of the oldest known spices in particular to India, Sri Lanka and many other parts of Asia. Cinnamon is a very good substitute for salt, and has the ability to offset blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol.

Cardamom has long been known as a great substitute for salt, although it tastes quite strong and different, especially when mixed with seeds, cumin or coriander.

Basil is you would not believe the spice that is commonly used in India, is somewhat bitter and sweet taste, and it is known for its healing properties, also known as a great alternative to salt.

Cayenne pepper, also known as chili peppers are also a great substitute to highlight the taste of food without salt. The most commonly used in the Spanish, Mexican and Indian cuisine. Chile gives the dish a spicy flavor that can replace with without any problems.

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