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9 tricks for the morning beauty: Do this at bedtime and in the morning you will be nice and fresh!

In the morning rush few of us have time to leisurely stores, dress up, covering the fatigue that is reflected on your face … But all do it at night and in the morning you’ll look like you’re on the job came from a beauty salon

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When you wake up in the morning, eager to coffee that will awaken us in a hurry to get there on time to work we do not do many things, especially to drying, a face mask, combing tangled hair … A few people have the time and for all when he wakes up.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of things to do before bed, in the morning to have a nice haircut, a fresh face and look like you just came from a beauty salon.

– In the evening, wash your hair, dry and re-do the braids while hair is still damp. In the morning, dissolve braids and you’ll have beautiful wavy hair, and also the new, neat and beautiful hair.

– Sleep with a mask on your eyes. This will prevent wrinkling of the skin around the eyes, and in the morning will help the region that is most sensitive to look fresh, with no dark circles and unsightly dark circles.

– Apply a moisturizer to the skin of the face and body before going to sleep. The person will be fresh, and you will wear a skirt with big confidence, without thinking whether your skin looks dry feet and cracked.

– Save the results of styling: if you still dries hair and want to extend the effect until the next hair wash, just before bedtime fasten hair into a high ponytail.

– Use essential oil skin care face. In the morning you will look like you just came from cosmetic treatments.

– To speed up the process of absorption of the cream, apply a layer over the substrate layer skin care products. This will allow for easier absorption.

– Use packaging for hair – so you will not have to worry about dry and cracked areas, and the hair will be easier to shape.

– Sleep on satin pillowcases – so it will not ruffle your hair and break, and in the morning you will not have to waste ten minutes combing the knots.

– If you are using self-tanning cream, apply it before going to bed and wait for it to dry completely, and then lie down. The cream will soak up a nice, color will all be uniform and linen clean.

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