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TESTED: Two ways to win any man!

Men love when women pretty well for himself in each role

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Be (really!) takes

The trick is not to subordinate all conquering men, but in how to manage such an eventful and interesting life that he wants to participate in it.

Women who are really occupied with their lives feel fulfilled, happier and are more confident – and these are three powerful magnets for attracting men. Another thing about male psychology: if a man has to choose between beauty and unstable busy / unavailable to the average woman, he will choose one average.

Two words: relaxed and flexible!

This, of course, does not mean you need to agree on everything, nor be without attitude, but need to be flexible and to look for the good side more or less in every situation.

Men love when women pretty well for himself in every role – in his masculine society at work, at home. All the charm and the ability to customize the moment.


Photo by Richard foster / CC BY

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