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Magical celery: body cleaner and a strong aphrodisiac

Seasoning gives great flavor, healthy and low fat.


Although celery with us today only used as a food additive, the 17th century was used only for medical purposes. Celery is used whole, from the roots to the leaves, and all its parts are very healthy and low-calorie.

What health provides celery?

If you have problems with blood pressure, this plant is an excellent aid for its reduction, and is also known as body cleaner because it is a great diuretic. Prevent bloating and indigestion.

Besides being rich in fiber, is a treasure trove of vitamins K, C and B, and calcium and folic acid.

Celery is a healthy and delicious snacks – simply slice the sticks and if desired sprinkle with lemon juice. Celery, you can also make mashed potatoes that will be an excellent addition to the main course, or, in turn, make a star risotto.

Also, celery is considered a strong aphrodisiac.


Photo by Nomadic Lass / CC BY

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