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If you eat organic foods, you will not reduce your risk of cancer

Organic foods is the choice of many people who want to avoid pesticides.

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A study from Oxford has revealed that the type of food has no effect on cancer. Researchers have found that pesticides do not increase the risk of cancer. Those who eat organic foods actually increase the risk of breast cancer.

Organic food does not help in reducing the risk of cancer, according to a new study. Women who are in a period of 9 years, ate organic food were not under a lower risk of cancer.

Many people are turning to organic food because they believe it is healthier because they want to avoid pesticides, which are believed to increase the risk of cancer.

But when it comes to breast cancer, it was found that those who ate organic food slightly increased risk of developing it.

This study included 600,000 women older than 50 years. They are the first nine months of eating organic foods, and the researchers monitored their health.

As for the belief that pesticides increase the risk of cancer, and it is refuted by this research. The amount of pesticides that are found in fruits and vegetables is very low.

Scientists have found that more than nine per cent of cancer cases in the UK associated with diet, of which five percent associated with low intake of fruits and vegetables. So if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, regardless of how it was brought up, you can reduce your risk of developing cancer.

By eating organic food, you will not increase nor decrease the risk of developing cancer.


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