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Sex is the best for youthfulness

The secret of youthfulness is not in cosmetic products, but in sexual satisfaction, reveal to us the American scientists.

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Lead researcher said, “The key thing to maintain youthfulness and simultaneously increase the level of activity, a good sex life.”

Previous studies have also shown that sex has a great effect on health. People who practice sex at least two times a week are more resilient immune system. It also improves mood, reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke and depression.

Men who practice sex at least five times a week have a three times lower risk of developing prostate cancer.

The researchers said that people who do not have a sexual partner does not need to despair. In fact, masturbation is equally effective.

As regards the other advantages of sex, such as improving mood and reducing the risk of depression, kissing and cuddling also proved to be very effective.

The study involved men and women who have completed their surveys containing questions about their lifestyle habits, including frequency of practicing sex.

Scientists have recorded the face of each participant, collected data on their age, health status and socioeconomic status.

The results showed that people who practice sex less than 2 times a week had a higher risk of premature signs of aging.

Previous studies have shown that the aging of the less we enjoy sex.

Instead of worrying about your looks and everyday responsibilities, take the time to enjoy sex.


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