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This is the most effective way of counting calories

Counting calories is one of the better ways to make diet, of course, with a contrition for counting them properly and do not miss smaller bites.

counting calories candy in jar

But experts say that calorie counting futile if we can not really visualize what that means exactly, and proposes an interesting method – comparing to the amount of exercise needed to burn off those calories.

So, for example, three glasses of soda will burn after a seven-kilometer run, the scientists say the “Johns Hopkins Bloomberg” school of public health who even suggested that such information be clearly highlight the products.

Specifically, their idea is to calculate the amount of physical activity needed to burn calories of some foods is printed on the packaging, believing that people would respond much better when they get that information.

Picturesque explanation will have a much better effect, experts say, pointing out that then will people become more aware of the situation and be more careful when selecting foods.


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