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Why migraine occurs, it is still unknown to doctors, but they assume that an important role in this are playing hormones.


It is believed that two-thirds of the people at least once a year, has a headache, a migraine is one of the most common forms. Some will probably just put a cold towel on your forehead and go into a darkened room, the other will be under a warm shower to help filed pain. Nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light or sounds in combination with the headache symptoms are indescribable by which migraine differs from other types of headaches. Why migraine occurs, it is still unknown to doctors, but they assume that an important role in this are playing hormones. Migraine is a common and well-known code. Thus, for example, Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte suffered from migraines.

It has been proven that eating painkillers and caffeine in excessive amounts can aggravate migraines or other types of headaches. If someone takes more than 10 to 15 days per month painkillers a day and drink more than five drinks that contain caffeine, may develop a headache that occurs because of addiction in relation to drugs or caffeine. In such cases, much can be done. Can break the vicious circle so that three months without taking painkillers. You should not drink coffee, tea and soft drinks.

There are blacklists of food products allegedly cause migraines. So mention the chocolate, hard cheese, dairy products and red wine, which is nonsense. Similar to premenstrual syndrome, just feel a desire for something that hurts you, but that does not mean that you will therefore get your period. Many people think that migraine is caused by eating certain foods, however, precisely at the moment when the seizure invade the chocolate has already begun.

There are already means, which can be taken on a daily basis in order to prevent attacks. First of all, people who have seizures three times a month or more often, they can benefit from them. Half of the patients after consuming these drugs have seizures even half less. For some, however, does not help any medication.

To date has not been proven that stress causes migraines. Even in patients who are themselves mean that they stress causes migraine attacks. In such patients were observed either elevated levels of stress hormones, as well as high blood pressure or fast heartbeat.

Approximately 40% of patients suffering from migraine headaches and suffering from depression. However, one is not a consequence of the second. You become depressed just because you really have a headache. Most likely you are just genetically more susceptible to both disorders.


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