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How to learn to live with the little things

… and enjoy it! Minimalism is a trend in the interior and in the philosophy of life, but the psychology is still a difficult practice. Here’s a guide …

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If you’ve ever dreamed of being sold out and bringing all assets to the most basic things, then you are probably no stranger to the concept of minimalism. However, minimalism is much more than clearing the rubble. It means getting rid of any possible rubble, permanently.

If you decide to attempt to do so, here’s what you need to know …

What you will need: mental strength. Do you want to get rid of most things, it will be necessary to make a specific decision for each item, and it will be a mental effort. And it will not happen overnight.

How long do you need to prepare: a single minute. You can begin immediately by placing a box or bag in every room of the apartment. When you see something you have long used (or maybe you’ve never used), insert it into the box. If you are afraid that you will still need these items, leave the box somewhere for a few months and if you do not at this time do not need them, donate them.

In psychological terms, you may not be able to start immediately. We all love our stuff. But they are not without cost. All we have sought some time for maintenance, cleaning, repairing, arranging … many of these items and ask for money for maintenance. Estimate how much you will get this “loss” and when you’re psychologically ready, begin.

Where to start: the places that is most frustrating. Is your closet already so full of things to the crowd? If you are losing time every morning thinking about what you wear? I looking for “the one” necklace that suits you best is with this outfit? Start the application minimalist principles in the closet.

How to get started: tiny things. You will not be able to clear the rubble in your life for one day. Not even for a week. But you can start with fifteen minutes each day. It acts as an insignificant time, but if you wind the clock, and follow these 15 minutes, will surprise you with the results after two weeks. Do not let that surprise you and wish to skip to the winding hours ….

Things to avoid: comparison with others. Your minimalism is only yours! Want to organize your home the way you see fit, in accordance with your life. If you just want to keep all the books you have, but leave just five shirts in the closet, then so and so.

What to do after three months of application of the minimalist principles: let us know what the results were!


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