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Diet sodas increase the risk of heart attack

Those who are concerned about their appearance, diet sodas may seem like a wise choice, but according to the results of the latest research, these drinks can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

diet sodas in glass

In this study was involved 2,500 people who consumed diet soda every day. Scientists have found that they had a 60% greater chances of developing cardiovascular disease than people who drank carbonated beverages without the “diet” or “light.”

If our results are confirmed, it is clear that diet drinks are not an ideal replacement for sugary drinks, “said researcher Hannah Gardner.

The participants were not given information about the types of diet and regular soda, and it would be given information on how they affect the study participants.

Dr. Gardenr, an epidemiologist at the University of the United States said that it will take more research to be further analyzed the association of carbonated beverages with cardiovascular problems.


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