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This is what happens in the body when you skip meals

Skipping meals is a very bad idea, and such behavior body, unfortunately, remembers …

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Perhaps you have been through it – in order to lose weight, you have been avoiding lunch, dinner or even breakfast. You thought you beat hunger until the next meal … But what you did not know the following – fatigue and hunger that you feel while you’re waiting for the next meal is only the tip of the iceberg.

During this time of fasting, in the body had occurred amazing process. Firstly, there was a drop in blood sugar levels, and it affects all the organs in the human body. There is a sense of fatigue and exhaustion, slows the metabolism, but slows down the burning of calories.

For all this, the brain goes into an emergency. Without food that provides energy, the human brain has, so to speak, the particular situation. Changing people’s intellectual and emotional functions. A person becomes irritable and prone to mood swings and poor concentration and memory.

When you finally eat food, your body will feel relief, but only briefly. If you practice avoiding meals more often, in the long run you will have problems with poor metabolism, blood sugar levels will be unstable, and the body will eventually turn to muscle as the only source of ‘fuel’. In other words, skipping meals seriously affects the body and weakens it, and the consequences can be fatal.

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