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What burns more calories: Running or walking?

Have you ever wondered what the most affects loss of calories? A miles that you went running or the speed at which you ran those miles?


This can confuse most people. Some people have tried little test for this theory. A young woman with jogging on the treadmill burning 158 calories, while with walking on the treadmill burning 92 calories. Indeed, she is little shocked what is such a difference.

The amount of calories burnt is not dependent on miles who you ran. The burning of calories depends how long you ran, what is your weight and are you in shape.

If you exercise lightly for a long time you’ll spend the same amount of calories as you exercise less time but more intense exercise.

Intense exercise burns more calories per minute. If you are overweight, you’ll burn more calories than a person who does not have excess weight. So, if you are a fit person, you will burn fewer calories doing the same exercise as well as people with overweight, but the good news is that your body uses more fat.

The more you run, you can burn more calories. People who can not run because it prevents disease, they should do not intense exercise. Work lighter exercise, but a little longer time.

Running is an exercise that solely depends on the time. Adults should exercise 150 minutes a week fast walking or 75 minutes of vigorous running.


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