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Does chocolate causes acne?

For years, the debate about whether the chocolate cause acne or not.

chocolate and women

New research by scientists from France reveals that there is a correlation between the daily consumption of chocolate and acne.

Scientists have found that regular consumption of chocolate can cause acne at younger persons.

However, the researchers point out that they did not take into account other lifestyle habits such as exercise, alcohol consumption or smoking. For this reason it may be difficult to assess whether the consumption of chocolate only cause of acne or not.

Previous studies have shown that foods with a high glycemic index (white bread, pasta, sweets) can increase the risk of acne because they cause sudden changes in blood sugar levels.

Sugar and saturated fatty acids are also one of the possible causes of acne. They cause an increase in the level of sebum, the pores become clogged and the skin is harder to solve the dead cells.

In addition, sugar and saturated fatty acids hinder the production of collagen which leads to the occurrence of premature skin aging.

Although experts have not yet concluded whether chocolate causes acne or not, all agree that with the consumption of chocolate, you should always choose dark chocolate.

As long as the rest of your diet balanced, you can enjoy it in moderation.

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