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Symptoms of cancer that we usually ignore

Symptoms of cancer sometimes really can be so subtle that you barely notice, but that does not mean that they are completely invisible. You know your body and you should recognize the slightest changes in the functioning of the organism.

symptoms of cancer

Some small and seemingly insignificant symptoms may actually be indicators of cancer. Cancer is much easier to cure if detected at an early stage. Departures doctor and responding to the least symptoms are essential to adequate health care.

Recently, scientists have given to people suffering from various types of cancer questionnaire that included questions about symptoms that are felt before they were diagnosed with cancer.The most common symptoms of cancer patients, regardless of the type of cancer, are:

  • changes in the appearance of moles
  • constant changes in the work of the digestive system
  • constant changes in the work of the bladder
  • unexplained cough
  • wound that does not heal
  • difficulty swallowing
  • unexplained weight loss
  • chronic pain
  • unexplained lumps on the body
  • unexplained bleeding.

The majority of patients these symptoms are not associated with cancer. Most often believe that it was arthritis, cysts, infections, or normal and inevitable part of the aging process. Experts believe that to ignore these symptoms themselves deserving fear of a possible cancer. This is why people choose to ignore these symptoms and believe that the cancer will not happen to them.

Also, participants felt and other symptoms, which vary depending on the type of cancer. Most of them felt at least two of the following symptoms:

  • chronic shortness of breath
  • dizziness
  • chronic headaches
  • sore throat
  • rapid heartbeat
  • lack of energy
  • pain in the chest.

However, you should know that most people with these symptoms does not suffer from cancer, but from a different lot milder conditions. However, a medical examination is required. Every symptom that lasts a long time demands your attention and help physicians.

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