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To find a: 6 healthy snacks that you must have in your bag!

When you get hungry, and you are not able to buy food, you’ll be happy to have these snacks in your bag


When you’re in a hurry, you have too many responsibilities and little time to enjoy a meal, try not to get into a situation to turn the fast food and fatty snacks. Instead, equip your purse healthy, but very tasty snack that will be the ideal inter-meal when you suddenly get hungry.

Apricot with chocolate

This type of treat is a real lifeline when you want some candy. Except that will satisfy your cravings for sweets, these two components have a high nutritional value.


Low in calories and medicinal fruit sour-sweet taste, contains beneficial substances that stimulate the immune system, lower cholesterol, protect against cancer and so on. Nice that you find handy in case of hunger, because you will easily saturate.


The nut incorporates the many nutrients such as potassium, calcium, biotin, vitamin E, and the other having a positive effect on the organism that is exposed to daily mental stress. The optimum dose is about 30 grams.

Rice waffles

Excellent base for low-calorie sandwich. Extremely nutritious snack that is easy to digest and does not cause allergies and has a positive effect on the intestinal micro flora.


Dried berries certainly deserves a place in your bag. When the water evaporates during drying, the dried berries remain nutrients that are even more concentrated than fresh grapes.

Integral tile

They are composed of cereals, nuts, seeds and honey, and are a great choice for a snack. Contain valuable vitamins and minerals, and supplement your energy reserves, which will make you more energetic and ready for a new labor victories.


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