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Why should not wash raw chicken

Experts advise that poultry and raw chicken should not be washed prior to preparation because of the risk of spreading bacteria and poisoning.

cicken whole - raw chicken

Washing raw poultry meat because of splashing water droplets can spread the bacteria Campylobacter, announced that the Food Standards Agency in the UK. She also gets on your skin, work surfaces, clothing and kitchen equipment.

Poisoning is usually manifested by abdominal pain, problems with digestion and vomiting, according to the Guardian, quoted by Mondo.

The fact that as many as two-fifths of people just like acting with meat before preparation.
Instead, it is more important that the chicken well heat-treat whether you bake or cook, as well as before and after treatment of meat thoroughly wash your hands.

Agency for Food UK standards gave the following recommendations:

  • Do not wash raw poultry. There is no reason to clean or rinse the blood stains from chicken meat.
  • Use a separate cutting board for poultry meat and not cut vegetables or other foods on there.
  • Disinfect surface, sponge cloths and cooking utensils that came in contact with raw chicken.
  • Make sure that the chicken is well heat treated before consumption.


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