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Sage, natural antibiotic

Best known as an ingredient in a refreshing tea, sage before the discovery of antibiotics was the salvation of all types of inflammation. List of states in which it can help is long, gives excellent flavor to many dishes, and is part of the skin care cream and anti-dandruff shampoos.

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The chefs recommend it as an important ingredient for marinade for lamb and fish, and is often on the list of necessary ingredients to prepare a number of meals and barbecues, but before the discovery of antibiotics, it was important plants of the sage.

Tea from the leaves of this plant has been used in laryngitis, pharyngitis, hoarseness, inflammation of internal organs, the vaginal washing, sweating in tuberculosis, fungal infections.

In medical terms, it could be said that the sage broad-spectrum antibiotic.

It is used for controlling sweating, heat waves at the menopause, menstrual disorders, to strengthen the nerves, to purify the liver, rheumatism.

The leaves of sage are used to clean the teeth and gums, and are frequently extract of sage added to toothpaste.

As a spice in foods can affect the digestive processes.

Sage is applied for relaxation, nervousness and tension.

It is used as a general tonic in fatigue, weakened immune system, poor concentration.

Is an essential ingredient in creams against various skin infections and anti-dandruff shampoos.
saves health

The Latin name salvia (salvia officinalis) comes from the word salvare, which means saved, healed, as the ancient Romans often used in the treatment of various diseases.

In English, the name is sage, meaning wisdom.

In this area is also known as sage and sweet wormwood.

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