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Healthy foods with which should not be exaggerated

If you are a supporter of healthy food and life then surely you know that exaggeration even in healthy habits is not so good. We now bring you a list of foods that fall into a very healthy food, but whose consumption is not very wise to overdo it.

healthy food spinach

Although most people would have thought that with healthy foods do not need to watch the amount, experts around the world claim the opposite. We bring you a list of ingredients, which all doctors recommend, but it also says that you still have to be careful with the quantities.

Tuna. While it is an excellent source of protein, consuming large quantities of fish can be quite dangerous. Tuna is a fish that contains high amounts of mercury and exposure to mercury can lead to fertility problems, high blood pressure, heart disease, and in children retarded brain development. Fortunately, many producers of tuna in cans are to start paying attention and packed tuna, which contain small amounts of mercury. Notwithstanding more than one cans per week is not recommended.


One should not think that there spinach bad foods, but as it contains a large quantity of nutrients can be bad for human health if you overdo it. Spinach is a food that is apart from the crowd of other vitamins and minerals, rich in oxalate whose consumption contribute to the formation of kidney stones. Spinach is just like other green leafy vegetables such as kale or collard very rich in oxalate. Should not eat more than one serving of greens a day and occasionally replace it sprouts which do not contain oxalates such as watercress or endive.

Almonds and Brazil nuts

Almonds are just like spinach rich in oxalate and should keep an eye on the amount you take. On the other hand, almonds are nuts which contain the most fiber which can lead to some inconvenience in the digestive tract, if you overdo it with količinama.U ekstreminim cases excessive amounts of vitamin E and manganese (almonds are rich in them) can be poisonous if they are overdone . Here we refer to quantities greater than 180 g once. To be sure not to eat more than 30 g almonds.

Brazil nuts are on the other hand very rich selenium, which is a mineral that the body requires in very small quantities. Consuming large amounts of Brazilian orasa may cause selenium poisoning whose symptoms first shooting nails, brittle hair, digestive problems, neurological problems, kidney failure, heart disease. One nut contains 95 micrograms of selenium, and adult need 55 micrograms daily. Brazil nuts should be eaten occasionally.

Protein of animal origin

While the meat is considered healthy source of protein, it is important to note that contains growth factor 1 (IGF – 1), which is similar to insulin, and is associated with accelerated aging and the formation of cancerous diseases. People who eat less animal protein had lower levels of IGF – 1 hormone that many studies have linked with neurological disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. If you are a big fan of meat and you can not imagine a meal without it, then try regular exercise to balance hormones in the body.


Foods from the mountains of Peru, which is thousands of years old is considered a superfood, known for being an energy, a sharp memory, promote fertility, stimulates the libido and provides hormonal balance. It is considered a very powerful food item, but can be quite harmful if you overdo it with the amount you are taking. Experts recommend that once a month, take a break, if you are a regular consumer of maca powder. A few days rest the body and proceed again to allow the body to balance hormone levels.

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