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The future of the diet lies in the DNA

Currently, there are a large number of dietary programs, from those that were invented by nutritionists over those based on the primal way of life, to those who have devised some celebrities, and scientists say the future of the diet lies in the DNA by which to each person created quite a special diet adapted organism.

diet and DNA

Molly Bray doctor whose specialty genetics argues that people in about five years by genetics, behavior and other sophisticated data to create individual weight loss programs tailored to one person that will just suit her. It also asserts that the child great for losing weight in the short term, but long term statistics are quite devastating. Doctors in some way still do not understand how and why weight gain occurs, whether it is linked to biology.

How to make it all work out? Would be carried out testing saliva and on the basis of these results to gather information about the environment and habits of people. Using a special computer program would then draw up a special program to achieve the target weight.

Currently there are already companies that offer special diets and exercise programs to DNA, but these diets are not precise enough and need to devote more research to get the best possible results that would be long-term.

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