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Herbal teas during pregnancy, yes or no?

Most pregnant women during pregnancy substitutes coffee with herbal teas, thinking that this is a healthier option for their baby. Is it really so?

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Dr. Laura Riley, author of the book “Pregnancy: The Ultimate Week By Week Pregnancy Guide,” says that drinking herbal teas during pregnancy certainly it’s not good for the health of mothers even for the baby’s health. American Association recommends for pregnant women only certain types of teas during pregnancy and only if approved by a doctor or midwife.

Most herbal teas which we consume does not contain only the leaves of the plant from which it is made but it is a mix of seeds, roots and flowers of many different plants, which always contain a little caffeine.

Especially are warn pregnant women not to drink tea from the leaves of red raspberries and nettles that can cause contractions and premature labor. On the other hand, nettle can be found in plenty of tea mixtures that are recommended for pregnant women because of the large amounts of calcium, potassium, iron, vitamins A, C and K, which can be very confusing. Therefore, before using teas that contain nettle consult your doctor who takes your pregnancy.

“During pregnancy you should be very careful with the use of vitamins and herbs,” says Dr. Laura Riley. Licorice and dong kuai can disrupt hormone levels, and hyssop, chicory and yarrow can stimulate the occurrence of menstruation, which can lead to miscarriage.

If your doctor recommended that during pregnancy you shouldn’t drink tea, make your own healthy version that certainly will not hurt. Boil fruits (oranges, lemons, apples) until you get a mild taste, strain and sweeten with honey. With this potion you are a hundred percent sure that it can’t badly affect you nor your baby’s health.

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