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Why tampons should be changed every three hours

Due to the heat and moisture in the vagina on pads quickly and easily are reproduced microorganisms, and increased risk of toxic shock syndrome.


Toxic shock syndrome

Do tampons really be seriously detrimental to health shows an alarming number of women in the UK are hospitalized because of toxic shock. Doctors have found that a shock to them was due to poisoning tampons.

Dr Peter Kilvert from the British Association for the Protection of Women explained that the shock occurs when the bacteria staphylococcus auerus produce a toxin that spreads by blood, overwhelming the immune system and attacks all organs. This syndrome is very rare, but very dangerous.

Half of all cases of toxic shock occurs in women who use tampons, since each of them has a part that reacts in contact with bacteria and stimulates the release of toxins – explains Klivert.

Toxic shock syndrome is not linked to gynecology, although it is most often associated with the use of tampons. Fortunately, the possibility for the occurrence of this serious disorder is very small, especially if the tampons are used properly. This is why they should be changed often, like every three hours.

Good bacteria in the wrong place

Toxic shock syndrome is most often diagnosed in young women during the menstrual bleeding using tampons with great absorbency.

It turned out to be caused by toxins created by the bacteria. It is normally present in the body and does not cause problems – explains. – Due to the heat, humidity and lack of oxygen in the vagina microorganisms can quickly and easily reproduce on pads.

Dr Klivert advises women to buy tampons after consultation with a gynecologist and before use good information on how to use them properly.

Women should have the freedom of choice with regard to hygiene habits, but you should be aware of possible toxic shock – notes.

The researchers concluded that the tampons that are highly absorbent and which therefore usually longer stand in the vagina are excellent breeding ground for bacteria staphylococcus aureus.

Headache first symptom

Tags for absorbency tampons are not uniform, so it is up to you to judge which type is right for you. If the vagina is dry during the extraction pad or tampon is difficult to remove, then be sure that he has a higher absorbency than you need.
It is extremely important, says a doctor at the time that women recognize the symptoms of toxic shock.

– Problems arise suddenly
– Headache, sore throat and muscle
– High temperature
– Vomiting and diarrhea
– Fatigue and rash like sunburn
– The fall in blood pressure
– disorientation
– Kidney failure

If a woman ahead of any of these symptoms, you should immediately remove the buffer and, if symptoms persist, see a doctor immediately. The treatment is based on antibiotics. In almost 30 percent of women who have this syndrome disease reappeared, though in a milder form. Women who have had a toxic shock syndrome prohibits the use of tampons.


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