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Rub yourself back

We all cry out for a back massage, especially those that those whose job is tied to the computer. And since we do not have private massager remain left alone. Maybe it’s not so bad, if you have two tennis balls. Oh, yeah. Keep reading.


Yellow tennis balls

For this “self-massage ” you need, in addition to tennis balls, and one sheer stockings. With this technique, you can align the spine and relax the muscles and body. Because forward – Rub back completely alone.

What should you do?

Take a tennis ball and put them in a sock to each other. Tie the top of the socks firmly that the balls would not fall out. Take a shower with hot water to relax the muscles.

Do stretching exercises – in the text do not forget to stretch! Look out, and lie down on your back and relax.

Put a sock with tennis balls under the back, but so is the backbone between the balls (one ball on the left and one on the right).

Inhale and exhale for a count of 8, and try to relax and concentrate on counting and breathing.

Move the up and down so that the balls “slide “down the spine. Start with the lower part of the spine to the neck, then vice versa. Repeat the procedure about 20 minutes until you feel the relief in the boat. (This can work to stand against the wall and put the ball behind his back, and descend into a squat and lift).

Photo by Horia Varlan/ CC BY

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