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Three effective steps to melt fat!

Fast walking will speed up the heart rate, enhance metabolism and melt away fat deposits in critical areas. Walk half an hour every day, and with these tips for proper practice, the accumulated calories are melted faster.

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1st Step

Quick walk 13 minutes (you’ll know that you’re walking a desirable pace if you notice a rapid heartbeat and breathing). Then “cut the stroke” two-minute squats in place that will “shock” the body and promote calorie burning. After that, proceed to walk at a brisk pace.

You can “cut ” the stroke with two-minute exercise, rope skipping, hopping from places with a high knee lift.

2nd Step

Quickly and efficiently walking make you a proper shoes for exercise. Do this test: fold the shoe in half and move them from side to side. If it is too stiff sole shoe, do not buy them, or that they practice.

3rd Step

Stand up straight! You will burn calories faster if you walk in the correct position. Head should hold upright, shoulders down, and the arms bent to make a perfect angle of 80 degrees. Try to move your hips when walking, and less the upper body.

Feet should be flat: start step with heel, and switch the weight to the toes, which can be pushed to the surface.


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