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Parents, leave mobile phones: Here’s Why

Stylish, smart phones can be of great help in everyday life, but also represent a big trap that many parents today find themselves. How not to become one of those parents who work brilliant, but with your child acts like he’d rather be anywhere else, listen to advice the pediatrician Jane Scott.

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Jane, who says he works as a pediatrician for 20 years, only recently noticed how many of these smart devices can affect the relationship between children and parents.

Entering the examination room, I saw a father and son quietly looking at their mobile phones. During the review, the father most of the questions focused on the children, who said that it hurts your ears, and I soon discovered that both eardrums red and inflamed. “Guess what. Ears hurting because you have an infection. However, we will give you a medicine from which will make you feel better” rela’m youngster. I smiled at the boy and his father. The child was immediately raised the phone and asked “Siri, what’s an ear infection ‘

It is clear that the smart phones of today are very useful things, which will help in a few minutes to provide all the necessary answers.

But, asks Jane, is it normal that a child of two rather reverse cell phone than his own father, who is sitting next to him?

In my work I see every day that such neglect affects children. Manifested in attacks of rage and anxious and older children are not disciplined. Most parents thought that it was normal, that children are such a natural. Not really. Yes, this is the behavior of children seeking attention, but often can be prevented – the doctor thinks.

They used a variety of research warned that excessive use of mobile phones in the presence of children, as well as unlimited use of the telephone in children can lead to consequences which at first seem insignificant, but later become big problems.

In an era of constant distractions, we need to choose what is more important: listen on the phone constantly, or words to children, words and deeds “I’m listening.’m Here. And there’s no place I’d rather be” – says pediatrician.


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