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Less calories- pasta or pizza?

Probably you have ever wondered how buttery bread is less fattening than pasta with parmesan cheese and tomato sauce? The answer is simple: the serving size.

pasta vs pizza

If you go to lunch in a restaurant, most of them will give you at least six times more than the recommended serving of pasta, half a cup. But you will not stop after each one sixth eaten to ask yourself is whether full. On the other side a slice of pizza is automatic portion control, because after every piece of you have to stop and ask yourself whether you are full.

Additionally, pasta sauces can be full of oil, cheese or sugar, while the pizza sauce are consisting mainly of tomato and extra mozzarella cheese. And there is a vegetable that can be placed over a piece of pizza. So, between the pizza and pasta, pizza is getting the victory.


Photo by Katrin Morenz CC BY

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