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Products rich in caffeine, and they are not coffee

Caffeine has a positive effect on the health of the whole body, especially if consumed in moderation.

in coffee

Experts recommend that you enter each day, about 250 mg of caffeine because caffeine improves cognitive function, concentration, relieves stress and reduces the risk of disease.


Caffeine can be found in cocoa, so it each chocolate contains at least a little. Dark chocolate contains the most cocoa, and consequently caffeine. Some chocolates are further enriched with caffeine because they are used for quick energy lift.

Weight-loss pill

Caffeine does not do much for your weight, but weight-loss pill manufacturers often exaggerated by the addition of it. Some pills contain it so that only one is required to caffeine was as if you drank 12 cups of coffee.


Sodas are known to contain it too. Some types of carbonated drinks contain as much as 23 milligrams of caffeine in just 250 ml. So do not kid yourself and drink juice before bedtime, especially if you are sensitive to it.


Especially green and black tea. For them it is known to contain it, and it sufficiently to his cup of coffee, you can replace tea, especially in the afternoon because of the somewhat milder tea than coffee and will not cause interference with sleep.


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