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How to gain weight

Obesity, with the stress and the increased number of patients suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, is one of the biggest problems of modern civilization. However, while most people are looking for ways to remove the excess weight while bombarding us with television commercials for devices, child and preparations in this field will provide the most effective results, somehow forgetting one problem, another large part of the population, who are struggling with shortages pounds. In addition, of course, does not mean those who, due to poor living conditions are not able to get fat, but above all to those that prevent their genetics or bad habits. Only for them, here are some useful and above all, HEALTHY advises. So, how do you gain weight?

gain weight


Counting calories may be a tedious, but it is a very effective way for losing and gaining weight. The logic is clear – everything beyond a certain limit remains in the body. It is important only goal – weight gain or weight loss? Also, if you want to gain weight important are frequent meals rich in fruits, vegetables, and potatoes, pasta and bread (integral), and chicken. Feeding is best distributed in six installments, with what will be the most abundant dinner, followed by dessert you can have nuts because they are rich in calories. Milkshakes are great as snacks.

What to avoid?

What should be avoided is coffee and caffeinated beverages because they provide a feeling of satiety. With caffeine should be avoided and nutritional supplements, since most of them creates a temporary effect. Weight gain is just like weight loss long process so do not expect results overnight. Another thing which you need to keep snacks are created by the weight that you do not want – fat.

However, if you do the training in the gym because you want to catch anything mass after training can take some of the popular “gainer” who are crammed with quality calories.


Along with diet it is important that you practice that you entered the food would not be deposited in the form of fat, but it is used for spraying muscle mass. Proteins are very important for obtaining muscle mass, and they are best entered through the flesh, milkshakes, eggs, milk and dairy products, beans, lentils …

Keep in mind that creatine which many recommend as part of training for mass gives a false picture because it creates excess water in the muscles, which can bring up a few pounds on the scale!


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