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Home SPA: 7 recipes for a relaxing bath

Make of your bathroom a real small spa center for rest and relaxation.

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1. Bath against fatigue

In the water pour from six to eight drops of essential oil of rosemary and sage, which have analgesic and anti-spasmolytic effect and stimulate circulation. Bath is ideal for those who suffer from varicose veins, have pain and cramping in the legs. Apply the bath once a week.

2. Bath goodnight

Dissolve in the bath for six to eight drops of an essential oil with a relaxing activity, such as oil of neroli, rose, jasmine, sandalwood. Immerse yourself in the bath and forget everything you during the day upset. Apply a bath before bed.

3. Morning bath

In the bath with water temperature 18-24 degrees, add six to eight drops of oil of eucalyptus, pine, lemon or mint, your choice. Prepare a bath in the morning and go to a new day full of optimism because it will awaken the bath and give you energy.

4. Milk bath

Heat a liter and a half of milk (3.2 percent fat), mix it with a tablespoon of honey and pour into the tub with warm water. Do not rinse bath soap as this will wash away the protective film that milk leaves the skin. When you exit from the water, gently wipe with a towel and spread milk for the body. This bath is ideal for people with dry skin.

5. Soothing bath

Soothing bath of chamomile relaxes tense nerves and helps in the treatment and prevention of skin and mucous membranes. Pour two tablespoons of chamomile with 200 milliliters of boiling water, leave it to stand, strain, and pour into the tub with water poplar.

6. Love bath

In bowl, pour 20 grams of sea salt, 30 drops of sandalwood oil, 10 drops of lavender oil, 2 drops of rose oil and 5 drops of ylang-ylang. Immerse yourself in the bath together with a loved one because this is a real aphrodisiac.

7. Anti cellulite bath

Sea salt is rich in minerals and promotes excretion of excess fluid from the body, and is a great aid in the fight against cellulite. Dissolve kilogram of sea salt in water temperature 38 degrees and practice a bath three times a week for a period of one month.


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