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Exercise is not enough to maintain muscle mass?

If you feel that physical activity is the key to lose weight and strengthen the body, you are absolutely right. There are many other factors that contribute to the preservation of muscle mass.

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Have you ever wondered how it is possible that you are in your twenties without any problems and effortlessly maintained your form until a decade or two later that much more difficult? The answer is simple, as we age, muscle tone decreases just as the metabolism slows down.

Over the years, regular visits to the gym is simply not enough to keep the body strong. We bring you what you should pay attention to if you want to preserve muscle mass and in the later decades of your life.

Proteins as a priority

There are people who can practice for years, and muscle tone will remain the same and it’s all because of the lowered protein intake. If you want to preserve muscles during each feeding women should bring 25-30 grams of protein, while for men this quantity should amount to 35-40 grams.

Reduce inflammation in the body

The high level of inflammation in the body affects the ability to preserve muscle mass in that it reduces inflammation ability to process protein entered. To prevent this in addition to regular weight training you need to enter foods that have anti-inflammatory properties as well as natural supplements. Strengthen your immune system, improve digestion and inflammatory processes in the body will be greatly reduced.

Enter antioxidants

Not all free radicals are bad for your body, the problem arises when there are more than the body can tolerate. The strongest fighters of antioxidants are certainly fresh fruits and vegetables and should therefore enter into such large quantities. After training drink protein shakes full of antioxidants and the results will be much better.

Incorrect exercise

Sometimes we try to sweat, spend hours and hours in the gym, but the results are not visible. Perhaps the reason is the wrong practice? Studies have shown that high intensity cardiovascular exercises such as running and sprinting are not the best for women who want to lose weight and may even be harmful. This type of exercise increases the level of cortisol, slows metabolism and reduces the release of thyroid hormones. Experts recommend shorter, more intense workouts three times a week for 30 minutes plus one hour of yoga for best results.

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