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Favorite color is determined by what you are in bed

The clothes you wear, the car you drive, the walls and furniture in your home can say a lot about your sex life – the key is in the color that surrounds you.


Psychologists have found a connection between the colors and patterns of sexual behavior.

Although you may say that you do not have a favorite color, look around and realize that there is one color that dominates, and it just hides clues about the sexual side of your personality.


Red symbolizes passion, which is why people love this color know how to enjoy sex and physical contact. Tend to be more aggressive approach to the opposite sex, and if you combine two people who love red, the couple will often experiment and try new things.


If you like yellow, it means that usually control your sex drive in bed indulging dominant role of partner. Never reject someone else’s initiative, but will rarely impose their own desires. The most important thing to you is that you dear people to be satisfied.


Those whose favorite color is green as gentle and sensitive when it comes to sex. A woman who loves this color will make love all my life as it was her first time, a man will be sympathetic and willing to fulfill the desires of their partners. Both are faithful to one person and I can not imagine a sexual affair with somebody else.


Fans of blue considered sex kind of art and their approach is elegant. Man behaving as a pianist, carefully examines the body of a woman and listens to her needs. Women enjoy foreplay as much as in the act of love, generous and gentle.


If you are a fan of purple, sex may seem like a waste of time. Women who like this color are more concerned about whether they’ll spoil the hairstyle, but whether the pleasure of your partner and yourself. Men approach lovemaking as a business obligation and no understanding of other people’s desires.


Hesitant and uncertain lovers are those who choose gray. They often take a long time to make a decision and find it difficult to commit. Sex to them is not an excitement, just only way to meet the needs. Bad agree with the other colors.


Pink is the color of people who like to flirt and have a tendency to deceive. Women who love pink sometimes promise more than they intend to provide, in relation to a partner are immature and like to tease. Men who like pink are prone to frequent changing of partners and are happy to enter into an affair with an unknown woman.


Lovers who enjoy their favorite orange sexual fantasies. The bed will whisper and encourage your partner’s fantasy. Foreplay and gentle touches upon sex are important as the act. In case you are not satisfied with the relationship with the opposite sex, it’s hard to admit it to themselves. They are not a problem to act out an orgasm.


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