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Clove against toothache

When someone says, clove, we usually think- mulled wine. But what if this aromatic spice plant can help with a toothache? Learn how.

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Cloves behaves like a small dentist because it contains anti-inflammatory chemical eugenol. Studies have shown that the protein is inhibited, which promotes inflammation. So it is no surprise that in China, during the Han Dynasty, it was the custom to chew cloves before addressing the emperor, in order to freshen breath.

The simplest move when a toothache is to put a full clove in your mouth. Biting him among healthy teeth to release the oil, which eases pain and that will affect the aching tooth. Keep soften clove on the painful tooth 30 minutes. Spit it out, and the process can also be repeated several times during the day to facilitate a toothache before visiting the dentist.

If you cloves causes bad feeling between his teeth, you can try it with gauze. Put a few cloves in cheesecloth, make a “small bag” and break the cloves hitting them with a hammer for meat or a book, to drain their oil. You can lean moistened gauze to the sore tooth.

You can also try a combination of hot red pepper and clove. This process can cause, at present, a “burning” sensation in the mouth, but it only takes a few minutes. What should you do? Mash several cloves and mix them with the same amount of hot red pepper powder. Add a few drops of water to get a thick paste. Cotton ball, soak a cotton ball in the mixture and place on the aching tooth. Since cayenne pepper can irritate the gums, making sure that the mixture just comes into contact with the tooth.


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