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How childhood affects the kind of person we grow

Numerous studies have shown that with our behavior as adults is actually the result of what we have experienced as a child.


If you are overweight or have trouble with depression, it is very possible that the roots of this lie in your childhood. See which way childhood can affect your behavior in the future.

1) If you were close with your father, you will have a more mature relationship with a partner

If you had a good emotional connection with your father, psychologists argue that then you have more chances in the future to have a healthy and mature relationship with emotional partner.

2) If you keep some parents defended, you will never be independent

If your parents are always determined how to dress, who to meet and what to eat, then you will like adults always depend on someone else. Most likely you will run into an emotional relationship with a partner who likes to control and has all the power in their hands.

3) If your parents are controlling, you become stubborn

Stubbornness is a defense mechanism in which children learn to avoid the will of their parents, which they constantly controlled. Also, the children of such parents are more likely to themselves become such.

4) If you frequently watch violence on TV, you will become yourself a violent person

Claims a 15-year study, the children copied model behavior they see in violent scenes where the perpetrators are rewarded for violent behavior. For example, if a child sees a detective who was rewarded for having brought the killer to trial, and before that he had a skirmish with fists with him, then the child will become glaring and violent. Such behavior can be continued if the child grows up.

5) If you are a survivor of childhood trauma, you have more chances to become obese

Several studies have revealed a link between sexual abuse and other trauma in childhood with eating disorders. For women, a study in 2007 showed that maltreatment in childhood promotes a 27 percent chance that an adult be obese. In men, that possibility is 66 per cent.

6) If you were abused, you have more chances of being depressed

An English college in which 26,000 people participated revealed that too much discipline, poor relationship with his mother, insufficient attention and abuse in childhood, the reason for the illness of depression later in life. The people who are in this way suffered in childhood have a 2,27 per cent chance of becoming depressed.

7) If your parents divorced when you were little, you will have the worst relationship with them when you grow up

If your parents divorced when you were between 3 and 5 years, you probably have an unstable relationship with them when they grow up, especially with his father, according to a study from the University of Illinois. However, parents’ divorce does not have to affect what kind of emotional relationship you have with your partner.


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