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Are you addicted to coffee?

If you think that you literally would not survive a day without coffee, you might have to blame your genes for your addiction.

addicted to coffee

In a new study of the genome were discovered genetic variants that might have to do with addiction than coffee. Researchers at Harvard University examined more than 120,000 consumers of coffee and discovered six markers that are associated with various forms of addiction, but have never connected with coffee.

Caffeine is a drug and around him the leads eternal controversy over whether actually creates addictive. However, the genes that were found in this study indicate that it is indeed possible to be addicted to coffee. By stimulating effect of caffeine suggests that he, at the genetic level, has the greatest impact in the habit of drinking coffee.

Due to the genetic roles depending on the coffee, definitely refutes the theory that the coffee has the same effect on everyone. It is assumed that it can not all feel the same impact of caffeine on health, and that caffeine can not everyone feels.

Scientists have for long been known for the role of genetic drinking coffee and caffeine on the body responds, but only recently have discovered specific genetic variation, which is an important step in further research.

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