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Clean body and lose weight

Did you know that you can lose weight even if you eat every two hours?

frutis and vegetable for body

With a detox diet based on fruits, you will not only lose an amazing eight pounds in just three days, but also you will cleanse the body of harmful substances!

During the diet eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and a smaller amount of protein foods and prepare a meal for which you will not need more than 5 to 10 minutes.

Fruit detox diet is one of the extremely low-calorie. Allowed daily calorie intake ranges from 900 to 1,000.

First day on every two hours, from morning till noon, drink a protein shake, and then immediately water. For dinner, eat vegetables and smaller amounts of foods rich in protein.

The next two days from morning till noon every two hours eat fresh fruit, and an evening meal consists of fresh vegetables and small amounts of lean protein foods or protein shakes.

Portions of fruit are limited to approximately 100 kcal, and the permitted amount of protein foods on the first day is 100-150 g, and in the next two days, 80 g.

Coffee, alcohol, milk and milk products, teas and juices are not allowed in this diet regime.

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